two pairs concurrently?


You’ve got to be kidding me.



Don’t worry, Boh. I’m making good progress. See?

onhold wip

I even cast on my On-Hold socks for the KAL and knit the toe AND one whole pattern repeat.


You still look very, very worried.

Maybe it’s because you’ve seen me knitting quite a bit on something that is not a sock?


(Boh is actually laying on my bed, whimpering quietly to himself as I write this. I thought it was sock-related, but upon investigation, it seems that he managed to drop his bone between the bed and the radiator. Opposable thumbs are required for retrieval. The whimpering stopped the moment I returned the bone.) Don’t worry, big dog. We’ll be okay.


4 thoughts on “two pairs concurrently?

  1. Boh is, quite possibly, the cutest dog of all time. Also, the socks are all so pretty! And the shawl, too, of course.

  2. I love how Boh is watching out for your best interest. Till it’s all about his rawhide, that is. What a great dog.
    Socks look fantastic, shawl even more so – perfect garter stitch – highly elusive in my neck of the woods.

  3. Oh no! Boh looks very concerned, indeed. I hope this two-at-once business works out okay. Nothing worse than a snarky “I hold you so” from your dog. Good luck to the supervisor keeping things under control. The socks and shawl are looking lovely!

  4. You could only post a picture of Boh and I would check in here every few hours to see him just cause he’s so adorable and makes me smile. Though I do check in for the knitting, too.:)

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