before blocking and buttons.




Hooray! I’m going to dunk it in a warm bath with some wool wash and lay it out to block and dry, but had to take some celebratory pictures first. I also managed to place a few bids on vintage button lots on ebay before heading to class — they may take a few days to get here, but this way I’ll have oodles of mismatched buttons to play with in the future!


It is snowing right now, though none of it has accumulated yet. Apparently that may occur overnight. Here’s a shot of the first rain-into-snow storm cloud approaching on Monday. I know it isn’t quite as dramatic as the out-my-front-door pictures I used to take in the desert, but it felt good to dash back inside for the camera last night. I haven’t done that in awhile!

I’ll conclude with pure cuteness:


Awww. I’ll do a wrap up post with specs/mods once I get 28thirty blocked and buttoned. I’m so excited!


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