After a weekend of warmer weather, today’s forecast is for snow, rain and cold. That, combined with the ever-growing pile o’ library books taking over my apartment, makes me less than enthusiastic about the coming week.

I snapped a few pictures of Boh yesterday that convey this general emotion:



More knitting progress soon. I may attempt to coax myself out of my bleary-eyed state with a few rows of Ishbel. I am less than 10 rows from the lace section.

I hope your Monday brings you sunshine! It looks like Boh and I will have to wait until tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “monday.

  1. It sounds like you get our weather a day later. Yesterday was cold, grey, and snowy. But today there is not a cloud in the sky! It’s still only in the 40s, but the sun is lovely. Hang in there!

  2. Monday comes too early! Our pups were not about getting up either – Mathias was a big grumpy-pants and didn’t want to come downstairs at all – and Cadence ate and then laid right back down again without even wanting to go out!

    I hope tomorrow does bring some sunshine for you guys! :)

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