one down.


Or should it be up? I am thrilled with the way this turned out. I haven’t done any of the regular tidying — weaving in ends, closing up small gaps near picked up stitches, etc. and it looks terrific! I’ll try to self-edit as I post, as I may have done some rather excessive photo-documentation of my very first toe-up sock.



The yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in Colorway Pool. I’m using size 2.5 needles, and I modified the tutorial for a 52 st sock to account for yarn weight and my gauge. When increasing for the gusset, I increased one side of the sock to 40 st, and then when it was time to work the heel, worked something like k12, ssk, k13 in order to center the heel over the center 13 st (1/4 of the regular sock stitches). I picked up 9 st along the decreased edge, and followed the instructions to get back to my magic number of 52.

As I’m unfamiliar with judging when to start the ribbing near the end of the sock, I do have a little bit of yarn leftover, and my ribbing is a good inch and a half.  I can’t believe how quickly this flew off my needles once I picked it back up. Excited about my toe-up momentum, I stayed up late last night and worked the toe of sock number 2.


Unrelated, but entertaining:


He sat/stood like this for  good ten minutes yesterday. My laundry is ready to go into the dryer, and I am ready for a second cup of coffee. Wishing you a productive Wednesday, and lots of toe-up sock confidence if you’ve been afraid to try it. This particular tutorial made the process painless — and I’ve certainly done my share of floundering with other sets of instructions. Thank you again to Andrea over at knittingbybicycle for clear notes and photos of the first section of the toe. What are you waiting for? Go check it out.


1 thought on “one down.

  1. Congratulations! It looks awesome. Question: how did you bind off the ribbing at the top? I had a big problem with this with my one pair of toe-ups – nothing I did seemed to be loose enough!

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