fad classic in action.


This morning, in need of a little more warmth, I dug deep into one of the drawers under my bed and retrieved my Fad Classic. It seemed like just the thing, and the slight variegation and bumpy, round stitch pattern made me smile. I slipped it on under my cozy navy blue cardigan and looked in the mirror. And I LIKED it. See, I neglected to post FO pictures of this particular project because while I liked it in theory, I really didn’t like the way it fit — seemed not long enough, the neckline didn’t seem all that flattering on my shape, blah blah blah. But today, as a layering item, I’m thrilled, and in honor of Vestuary, I wore my Fad Classic out into the world for the first time. And I’ll be doing it again.


Also, this weekend I wound up my handspun:


I’m really excited to see what it will look like all knit up. Still working on the baby sweater, which needs another inch or so of ribbing and then it will be time for seaming — I will have it done by Friday. I will have it done by Friday. I will have it done by Friday…


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