I’ve been thinking a lot about how to sum up my 2008. This is one of the pictures I’m most proud of from this year, and in looking back over my photos and posts, I think it is representative of much of what has occurred in my world over the last 12 months. I snapped this photo in July, during the evening light of a brief break in a classic southwestern summer storm. This year I worked through new and challenging situations at work, agonized over and then got into graduate school, packed up my life and moved it East, and returned to academic life, to a path that I hope to make a career of. I finished my first sweaters. I developed enough confidence in my sock knitting to gift them. I’m learning to spin. I’m in my 15th month of blogging.

There is quite a bit of turmoil in the photo above, but it works: the picture as whole is stunning, full of beauty. This year contained more drama and difficulty than those in more recent memory,  but it was also filled with unexpected color and opportunity.

I’m off to the north country tomorrow for a week of adventuring with the boy. Oh-nine knitting goals to follow shortly after I return.

Happy New Year, blogland.


2 thoughts on “twothousandeight.

  1. What a beautiful photo, and a beautiful summary of your year. Have fun with your adventuring, and I can’t wait to hear what 2009 has in store for Barefoot Rooster knits!

  2. Beautiful. Isn’t it strange how our struggles bring about (or be “offset” in some strange karmic balancing act) really great things? Happy New Year to you – I wish you a wonderful ’09 with less difficulty and more wonder.

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