No, not that kind. (Though my mother did send me home with multiple Tupperware containers of turkey soup.) I’ve finished the hiking socks for the boy, and I can’t wait for him to wear them. I like to give gifts on non-holidays, and I may end up giving him his socks a bit early, particularly because of the very kind praise my family lavished upon them on Thanksgiving. Requests for socks were voiced, and my cousin pronounced that they looked like “real socks”. I did, however, come up with a way to slow myself down: I don’t quite know how they’ll wear, as they aren’t made of sock yarn, and I’ve never made anything out of Cascade 220 superwash. Thus, I present the first half of a pair:


Same, but different. These are for me. Test socks, if you will. I had 2 balls of yarn for the boy socks, and started each sock with a new ball, as I didn’t want to have to join new yarn at an inopportune moment. The leftovers looked like enough for one girl sock from each ball — and on this first sock, it was close: 44 stitches around (which is a tad loose on me, but 40 st with this yarn is too snug), stockinette, heel flap, and not quite a full toe — ran out of yarn at 10 st on each needle.

You’ll notice that I’m ridiculously verbose today — seems I can do that everywhere but in the paper I’m writing. Tomorrow’s a new day, and I’ll be aiming for uber-productivity in the land of schoolwork, punctuated with knitting breaks to work on sock #2.


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