flower envy.

Check out my kale flower! The recipient of my most recent boy hat and I visited the farmers’ market this weekend to procure supplies for a lazy saturday in the kitchen. As we wandered around the market, me with this lovely blossom in my arms, it seemed as though everyone had kale-flower envy. We came home with 5 pounds of regular beets, several butternut squash, a few fat carrots and these chiogga beets.

Much beet pickling and squash soup making occurred, and the results were delicious. Last weekend, we made applesauce.

I’ve been eating it right out of the jar. Contrary to what this post may lead you to believe, I’m still knitting. I just can’t share my most recent project quite yet, and I haven’t made enough noticeable progress on my other WIPs to justify posting more photos. Soon…

Here’s a gratuitous shot of Boh, enjoying laundry day in the sun:

It’s going to be a crazy week in the schoolwork department. See you on the other side!


1 thought on “flower envy.

  1. Yet again, I navigate to your blog and my stomach starts grumbling almost immediately. Do you have a recommended resource for beet pickling? I’ve never tried before, but beets are at the top of my favorite food list and I’ve always wanted to try pickling them.

    And yes, that kale flower rocks!! I love it against the backdrop of your green wall.

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