weekends during the week.

I’m treating this transition time before school (eek!) starts like an extended weekend. Not quite vacation, as I’m getting a lot of things done, but like a really good Saturday. I’m crossing things off lists (purchase and assemble composter, problem-solve the not quite cold enough fridge, do laundry, organize recipes, etc.) but also doing things I love: cooking, running, catching up with dear friends and, of course, knitting. Yesterday I finally made my own granola, using this basic formula from The Kitchn.

I also cast on for my first-ever BSJ:

I’m using a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in the Strange Harvest colorway. I managed to get gauge (6 st per inch) using a size 4 KnitPicks harmony circ. The slightly larger than standard needle seems to be giving the fabric a nice drape. Despite my ownership of multiple EZ books, this is my first attempt at one of her recipes — so far so good! I’m not sure which baby this will be for, as, off the top of my head, I count at least 3 children who should be joining the ranks before snow falls this year. Speaking of snow, it is probably time to start planning my holiday knitting…


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