Apologies for my silence over here — some sickness meant that I hit the road last week to spend a few days with one of our expeditions while their leader rested/recovered.

Don’t feel bad for me; it was a wonderful escape. My camera has begun acting up a bit — it doesn’t always turn on when I want it to, though once on, it seems to work fine. I’m glad to have been able to capture these images to share.

Though I’ve finished my Fad Classic (I actually finished it while in canyon country), this is the only image I have to share — once my camera agrees to turn on, I’ll take some pictures of the completed vest, which I am very happy with. I really like the way the variegation of the Araucania Nature Wool looks in this stitch pattern. Instead of casting on a new project, I’ve returned to my clapotis, and I am making good progress. Again, when the camera agrees, I’ll share more pictures!


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