you spin me right round baby…

I couldn’t help it. (With the song, but also with the actual spinning.)

Sort of hideous, I know, but bear with me. You see, this used to be this:

And before that, this:

I ordered a drop spindle and some fiber from Hello Yarn, and it arrived yesterday. Last night, after a super fun knitting night, I decided to give it a try. I still have much to learn — it feels like there are more tasks than I have hands — but I am excited about this.

After taking the dog out and enjoying the sunrise:

I tried again.

I think I need to separate the fibers even more in order to get a thinner yarn. Anyone have suggestions for websites or other resources with pictures of top whorl drop spindles in use? I’m interested in learning more about speed of spinning the spindle, how much twist is a good idea, etc.

Already late for work, but wanted to share that with you!


4 thoughts on “you spin me right round baby…

  1. Hey cool! I have never tried spinning, so unfortunately have no advice, but I can’t wait to see your skills develop!

  2. I just started using the drop spindle myself. I found some real goos tutorials on line. Just google “drop spindle tutorials and the best ones are found on the first page. Also, google drop spindle tutorials on utube – tons of stuff there – great tutorials! Good luck and most of all have a blast.

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