knitting = therapy.

It has been a rough few days — and at this point, the car window feels like the least of it. Yesterday I said goodbye to an incredibly strong woman who taught me how to do things I never thought I’d learn. (Sheep butchering? check.)

This morning, I gave myself an uninterrupted hour of this:

Work and life are going to take me away from my computer this week — maybe I’ll have a finished Rusted Root to share next time.

And for good measure, a sleeping dog. (This is from Monday night, after much adventuring at the dog park and in a friend’s backyard.)


8 thoughts on “knitting = therapy.

  1. So sorry for your loss. I know how much the family means to you. I agree that knitting therapy was needed.

  2. I hope the knitting helps with the rough times, in my experience it generally does. Your pupster looks like a great comfort :)

  3. Sorry for your loss, Amy. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your break from technology!

  4. That just sucks Amy, I’m very sorry. :( Understatement I know, but sometimes the only statement that makes sense. Knitting IS good therapy – somehow it helps a heavy heart. Hang in there, sending my thoughts and hugs.

  5. Hey Amy,
    Been thinking of you. Knitting is good therapy, and I have a professional background in psychotherapy to back up that claim. Take 90 bucks and buy great yarn…skip the therapist! Anyway, wanted to tell you to check out section D of today’s (Thursday’s) Local Newspaper!

  6. I can’t believe you are almost done with that Rusted Root! By the way I took $100 bucks and bought some great new yarn and Heather is right, it really does feel good. Now I guess I better go look at the newspaper.

  7. Oh hon, I’m so sorry.
    Sounds like some hardcore knitting time is just what you need.
    That RR is coming along nicely!
    Hope this week is better than the last.

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