This guy:

Saw this, a bee-yoo-ti-ful Sunday Market Shawl, blocking:

and, in the middle of the night, decided to do something like this:

A few more pictures of the carnage:

I stayed up REALLY late trying to finish this for a dear friend’s birthday — unraveling the dropped stitches took forever. This is beyond repair — or at least my capacity for repair. There are at least four shredded sections of the shawl, and I can’t bear to unravel what’s left right now. Back to the drawing board? I still need a birthday present — was hoping to give this to her over the weekend.

Hard to stay mad at this dog. Sigh. At least today is Friday.


8 thoughts on “carnage.

  1. Omigosh! From your email, I thought you just fell out of liking the shawl. Holy Cow! Are you going to start over?

  2. awww man, that suuuuucks! when i read your post, i got that sinking feeling you get when you are getting ready to climb to the top of the hill on a rollercoaster and i just feel so sorry. Maybe you could show your friend the picture of it blocking and give it to her in a card with your good intentions and explain what happened so you can give it to her once completed. major jugs out to you! good luck!

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry, that’s the worst. I agree with Mary about the card; then you can knit her another when you have the time. So sad! It really did turn out beautifully.

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