getting there…

My Sunday Market Shawl is coming along — it hangs beautifully, and the gauge is nowhere near as open as I’d expected to get with sock yarn and US 10s. Looking forward to dropping the YOs and stretching this out. Hoping to finish it by the weekend so that last week’s birthday girl can begin enjoying her present!

In other news, I’ve begun the madness of trying to organize and pack my life. (Though I probably won’t move to New Home until August, I move out to the mountains for the summer for work. Lease is up at the end of next month, and May is a crazy work month spent going back and forth between offices.) Packing is rather difficult in a teeny casita, and I’ve realized that I just need to get some of my furniture out of here in order to have space to lay things out and store them well. This morning I posted several things on craigslist — here’s hoping I can create a bit more room to work!


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