distraction #2.

Again with the need to be knitting something that isn’t fiddly. I had at least 120 yards of leftovers from the third skein of the Cascade 220 I used for the pinwheel blanket, and somehow the magic of ravelry led me to cast on for the hurricane hat by Andrea Goutier (size 7 needles). This is a fast, fun pattern with lovely crown decreasing that maintains the purl ridge swirl ’til the end.

I may have a problem. How many hats does one person need?

I mean, I don’t have a grey hat yet…

Off to work.


3 thoughts on “distraction #2.

  1. OOOhhh! I LIKE this hat a LOT! Very cool, also a great unisex design (my boys & hubby would not mind this one at all, in manly colors, of course!).

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