legwarmers and sugarplums


When I was a little girl, I took ballet lessons. I dreamed of Balanchine, of Coppelia, of tulle and tutus. I practiced A LOT. I danced en pointe; my toes bled; my body ached. I pulled on these legwarmers last night around midnight, having just woven in the ends, and felt the urge to “gran ron-de-jaum”, to “jete”, “gran pas-de-sha”; to waltz through the kitchen the way I used to do just before dinner time, forks and knives in my hands. (It was far more fun to set the table while waltzing.)


(Apologies for the dark, grainy picture. The urge to plie struck late last night. This was taken in the mirror.) These legwarmers are looooong. 26″ in length! I thought about binding off many times, but I am glad that I persevered: these are long enough to be scrunched and still reach up to my knees. They are incredibly soft, have a nice depth to the color, and are very warm. The nights are getting colder here, and I decided to wear them to bed last night. I woke up with the sun, about ten minutes before my alarm, with a cold nose and toasty calves.



6 thoughts on “legwarmers and sugarplums

  1. Those are gorgeous!!! I used to do ballet, too, and still pirouette in my parents’ kitchen on their slippery floor :). You’ve totally inspired me to make some legwarmers…I just love how cozy, yet pretty yours are. Oh, and you have really good turnout!

  2. Super cute! I also agree, chores are much better while dancing or doing something else. I used to pretend I was an actress in a movie role when I would vacuum as a teen. ha ha!

  3. yeah, i get that way sometimes too.
    you have some great turnout in your fifth position! xD
    nice legwarmers btw, ;)

  4. I luv ur legwarmers, i just got a pair that are super long but do u hv any advice on how 2 wear them? thx :D

  5. I skated, so i don’t have a huge nostalgia for leg warmers (blades + Skates = shredded leg warmers and falling allot), but none the less I’m inspired to dig out my needles and make a pair. My husband and i just bought a old country house that goes with cold winters and cold floors, I think it will be just the thing to keep my tootsie toes warm! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Do you have some kind of pattern for those lovely calf covers? What yarn did you use? How many stitches did you bind on? Any increases or decreases? Would love to make a pair for myself!

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